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Good-bye Miami.

Hey everyone, today is my last day here in Miami. It’s been a great summer break, but it’s now time to serve as a CARE Counselor at Florida State University. To say Good-bye to Miami, I had to go to my favorite spot | Miami Art District | because that’s where I spent most of my weekends. So I went around taking pictures of my favorites spots at the Wynwood Art area. I love the graffiti, the sculptures, and the awesome murals that surround the streets.

Earlier this week I went thrifiting with my mom around the Hialeah area and found this awesome suede-fringe jacket. It’s so me! It makes me feel like I’m living in the 70s. I also wanted to show off my new TopMan collar chain, that I got a couple months back.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! 

Thrifted Collar-shirt | Thrifted Suede-Fringe Jacket | Thrifted Mario Martienlli | Top Man Collar Chain | Top Man Thread Chain | Cotton Light Denim Jeans | Urban Outfitters – Urban Renewal Bag | Dr. Martens – Red Velvet | Thrifted Vintage Rings


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Fringe Baby Fringe

Fringe Baby Fringe!

This look was inspired by an antagonist character (the adversary of the hero or protagonist of a drama orother literary work). I wanted to give a mysterious but yet fashion-forward character. The shirt is my favorite piece of this outfit. Lately, mustard yellow and a deep orange has been catching my eye. When I saw this shirt as I was visiting FAMU, it completely caught my eye. A local vendor, Old Souls, was selling it at the Set. It was only $15! The glasses definitely gave the antagonist look, which I completed the look. I bought them from Heather (Avant Garb Vintage) for only $8. She’s awesome!

Fringe Shirt (Old Souls) | Olive High-waisted Pants (American Apparel) | Brown Loafers (Goodwill) | Orange Messenger Bag (Fossil) | Fox Tail Keychain (Amazon) | Brown Braided Belt (Zara Man) | Khaki Bracelet (Top Man) | Brown Leather Cuff (H&M) | Rings (Urban Outfitters)

It’s Fall Until I Say It’s Over

Only because it’s “Spring Semester,” doesn’t mean you have to change your wardrobe right away. Spring starts March 20th, therefore leave me alone! I love layering and the days are always windy/gloomy, so it works out perfectly.  Again, this outfit had the olive green tone- which it’s definitely my favorite color. People say it’s a Fall color and I totally understand but I’m still in denial.

Style On!

Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve


Thrifted Tommy Hilfiger, Olive Parachute Pants, Chain- Janelle Jewelry, Black Dr.Martens, Black Velvet Blazer- Old Fields Inc., Thrifted Messanger Bag- American Tourist


Samsonite Tonight!

Wow, the time has finally come! My first fashion blog (that I will take seriously).

Here it goes! Today, as I was getting dressed to go to Florida State’s Market Wednesday, I was thinking to myself I haven’t done the prep-grunge in a while and I also wanted to wear my studded jean jacket (DIY), so why not?! Plus I brought my camera to campus- I just knew today was going to be a “Lookbook” day! These days- I’ve been very into my accessories and making them my main pieces. The mustard-yellow Samsonite traveling bag, definitely came out of nowhere today! My favorite vintage store here in Tallahassee, Precious Garbage, had it today at Market Wednesday & Of course! I had to buy it.

This outfit was simply thrown together- I just went with a simple color palette. The olive green thrifted shirt and the green Levi’s corduroys really compliment each other, of course, I can’t forget about the plaided, Banana Republic,  long sleeve wrapped around my waist- giving it the 90’s twist. I knew I was going to fold up the corduroys pants, therefore I got one of my creative socks to give it a little punch of texture. The cherry red low-top, Dr. Martens: Ramsey, are one of my favorite docs that I own. The cherry red definitely made this outfit pop, especially, next to the neutral color palette. The foxtail keychain was just a little touch of fun- like I said I’ve been really into accessories lately. Lastly, my DIY studded jean jacket- which took forever to make! For a while I’ve been searching for a nice fitted jean jacket that I know I was going to wear all the time- then I decided to spike and stud up the jacket. Of course, I bought the jacket from Precious Garbage.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog of “This is what I wear”!